Terms and Conditions

1. Service Description

Yelkom integrates cutting-edge technologies offering a food ordering system with unique features enabling the customer to place orders online. Yelkom does not sell any food products you have ordered, and we don’t possess any control over the quality of food products. Moreover, the restaurants may specify the food preparation procedures, ingredients, and description of the menu such as nut-free, gluten-free is not verified or investigated by Yelkom. Therefore, if you encounter any adverse effects after consuming food, we request you to contact the restaurant directly.

By agreeing to the food ordering services, you understand that Yelkom is not liable to the menu descriptions and food quality. Using the payment gateways, you agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy set by the payment gateways. Google maps used for the delivery service are bound to the Google Maps API terms of service. Visitors are given access to the publicly available content, send emails, and chat with us without login. Registered users can place orders, track the order status, instant notifications of the offers and discounts. Yelkom accepts any user as a registered member under the verification process of the team.

2. User Accounts

Upon account creation, you must provide precise and complete information at all times. If you provide inaccurate user information, then it might result in account termination on our service. You can access your Yelkom service by providing the username and password. It is your responsibility to safeguard the password, and if you encounter any unauthorized access, notify the Yelkom team.

3. Cancellation Policy

Order cancellation carried out under the permissible period and conditions framed by the Yelkom. When you stop service payment, then your account will be suspended and will be reactivated once you carry out the payment process. If your Yelkom account remains inactive for a period of more than six months, it leads to account deletion. Upon the account termination, the data, files, and other information associated with the customer account get deleted within one hour.

In some cases, Yelkom may cancel your order due to technical errors, unavailability of the food item, or any other limitation where no charges imposed on cancellation. Replacement or refund action is carried out only under the permission of the restaurant partner. Any complaints regarding the wrong delivery of food, foreign object presence in food, food spillage, poor food quality are not liable to the Yelkom platform.

4. Constraints

The service is not eligible for children under the age of 13 years or younger. Children over 13 years of age can use the service under the guidance of the parents or guardians. If you want to order alcohol products, your age should be above the minimum age requirements abiding by state or provincial laws. Yelkom reserve the full responsibility to deny access to service when you violate or attempt to disrupt our service policy.

5. Links to Third-party websites

Yelkom may contain third-party links or services, but Yelkom does not hold the responsibility for the content, privacy policy, or terms and conditions of the other websites. On using the service, you agree that Yelkom shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any other websites or services. We actively insist you go through the terms and conditions of the third-party websites completely before visiting the third-party websites.

6. Account Termination

We may terminate your account if you indulge in any breaching activity without any prior notification or liability. Upon the termination, your Yelkom account will cease, and you need to discontinue the service usage.

7. Governing Law

The terms and conditions governed and constructed following the laws of India without regard to conflicting law provisions. If any of the terms fall under the invalid category or unenforceable by a court, termed will remain under effect. If you are inside or outside India, you solely take the responsibility of complying with the law of your specific jurisdiction.

If you still have any doubts regarding the terms and conditions of our Yelkom service. Please contact us to sort out your queries.

8. Refund policy

Once the payment is made. No refund will be initiated unless under specific terms.

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